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Landscaping and Gardening Services in Singapore

Landscaping and gardening are ways to enhance the natural beauty of your home or office area through growing plants and rocks. While you grow plants in pots or in the ground through gardening, landscaping is a more professional way of gardening, which includes services such as grass cutting, weeding and treatment. It also involves organizing and designing the outdoor space with sculptures, ponds or topiaries for aesthetic and artistic purposes.

If you would like to redesign your yard or make your garden more appealing, engage professionals from landscaping and gardening services. These experts are able to look after and maintain your lawn, and construct your garden into one that provides aesthetic greenery.


Type of landscaping services

There are various landscaping services to provide different ways of redesigning and constructing your garden or outdoor area. The different types of them are:

  1. Landscape design and construction
    Landscape design and construction starts with a design brief from you. The professionals may also visit the location you would like to enhance to evaluate its conditions and constraints, and figure out how they can tailor them to your preferences. The projects they may execute include softscape such as planting works, as well as hardscape such as wooden decks and water features.


    After implementing the landscaping project, it would be good to also have an inspection by a horticulturist to ensure that the plants are established properly.


  1. Landscape maintenance
    Without proper and regular maintenance, many gardens would end up with compacted soil, dead leaves and branches as well as overgrown and unhealthy plants. These may not only lead to hazards such as trips and falls, but can also cause your plants to be prone to pests and diseases.


    Landscape maintenance helps to revive and transform your gardens. This can be done through horticultural maintenance, grass cutting, tree pruning, lawn maintenance and cleansing works. If the health conditions of your plants are poor, you may sometimes require more detailed treatments such as pollarding or removal, as diagnosed by an arborist or horticulturist.


  1. Arboriculture services
    Arboriculture is the cultivation, management and study of trees. If you have trees in or around your building, you might want to engage arboriculture services to ensure that the trees are healthy, as trees with structural instabilities could be dangerous in future.
    Arborists can also determine if the trees should be preserved – for instance, those growing near construction zones may not be worth preserving. Arborist services include visual tree assessments, root assessments, assessing internal decay, supervision of tree care operations as well as soil and plant analysis.


  1. Tree pruning and cutting
    Tree branches that are damaged or diseased can be dangerous to passersby. To ensure that the trees, branches and leaves are healthy, engage tree cutting and pruning services to trim the trees in an aesthetic way without harming them. The professionals will check the health of the tree, identify branches to be trimmed and ensure that the tree is ready for pruning.


  1. Grass cutting
    Grass cutting is essential for landscape maintenance as it helps to ensure that the turf keeps a clean and healthy appearance. With shorter grass, the grass will be able to receive sufficient sunlight and water, and display a uniformed greener appearance instead of uneven grass patches. Regular grass cutting also prevents pests, minimises rainwater ponding and reduces mosquito breeding.
    Besides grass cutting, the team may also offer services such as weeding, planting, watering, fertilising and soil loosening to solve problems such as soil erosion and uneven grass patches.


  1. Turfing
    Turfing is a technique used to quickly and easily create a lush green lawn by directly applying grass onto the surface. It can be done using mature grass with developed roots or by using synthetic grass to create an artificial turf. Common types of turfing offered in Singapore include cow grass, pearl grass and carpet grass.


  1. Green walls
    As the name suggests, green walls refer to vertical structures that have living plants attached to them. Otherwise known as garden living walls or vertical gardens, this modern landscape design usually features built-in irrigation systems and filters pollutants in the surrounding air, while providing an artistic and natural look to urban buildings at the same time.


  1. Roof garden
    Lush rooftop gardens are well-loved and widely popular among those looking for a breather in the hectic city area. By offering a great view of the cityscape from the rooftop, having a roof garden would be a sure way to boost your building’s popularity and value. You can also include other facilities such as pools and sitting areas to attract more people to your building. Furthermore, roof gardens are environmentally-friendly, as it can reduce a building’s overall heat absorption and the energy consumption needed for air-conditioning.


  1. Water features
    Having water features such as fountains, ponds and even indoor waterfalls around your surroundings does not only create a soothing atmosphere, but also provides a cooling and refreshing effect in Singapore’s hot weather.


  1. Plant rental
    To spruce up your space with more greenery, consider plant rental services. From terrariums to tabletop planters, you can enjoy the beauty of these plants in your workplace without constant maintenance, as the landscaping service provider can help you water, trim and prune the plants regularly too.


Considerations in hiring a professional landscaper

Landscaping and gardening services are undoubtedly tough jobs and should be left to professionals. These experts can not only help you with the physical work required, but they also save you time from figuring out the technical hardware and equipment required.

To ensure that you hire the right one for you, request for a portfolio from the landscaper. The professional should be able to provide pictures of finished projects and examples of the works they have completed. You can also request to check out their ongoing projects of homes and buildings that are similar to yours.

You should also look out for their years of experience in the field, as well as customer reviews and any awards they have earned to ensure that they have a good reputation in Singapore.

When you hire a landscaper, make sure they visit the site you would like them to work on, so that they can analyse details such as the size, location and topography. Such consultation services ensure that the final design and work is one that is specially catered to your needs and wants.

As landscaping involves various aspects such as designing, arboriculture and grass cutting, it would be good to engage a landscaping company that offers the different types of landscaping jobs you require to perfectly bring your vision to life. They should also have a regular landscape maintenance programme to ensure that their works are well-maintained.


Cost of landscaping services

The cost of landscaping services depends on factors such as the extent of work needed, type of service required and site conditions.

Themed garden projects for residential and commercial areas may range from $2000 onwards, while the rates for landscape maintenance may depend on the duration required for the service. In general, landscape maintenance would cost about $100 for every hour required.

For specific services such as turfing, artificial turfing generally costs from $1.50 per square fit to $15 per square feet, depending on the grades of the artificial turf and installation methods used.

For an accurate quotation, contact the sales team of the landscape service company for them to understand your preferences and requirements.

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