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Water Features Landscaping


Water has a calming and comforting effect on us – seeing and listening to moving water can make us feel more relaxed, providing many benefits for our mind and body. In hot climates, having water around can also lower the temperature and give off a cooling effect. 

Practical reasons aside, including timeless water features to your home or office creates a more aesthetic surrounding and adds a unique visual that your family, visitors or employees would greatly enjoy and appreciate. With water features, you can bring the beauty of nature into your everyday space.


Custom water features and pond

Every landscaping project has its specific requirements depending on its location, project’s purpose and your preferences. With custom water features, you can have different types of water features of various sizes, materials and designs. This flexibility allows you to choose water features that best suit your needs.

One example would be feature pond services. Commonly used in residences, feature ponds or lakes can easily enhance the ambience of your space. They can also be designed and constructed in different ways, such as reflecting pools, water gardens or koi ponds. 

From ponds to waterfalls, there are a variety of water features to perfectly complement your surroundings.


Water fountain

Another water feature that is sure to elevate your space is a custom water fountain. Whether it’s placed indoors or outdoors, a water fountain will definitely draw your guests’ attention and contribute to a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere. They can act as a natural humidifier too.

There is a huge range of water fountains available, from mini tabletop fountains to large wall fountains. To highlight a few, there are also bubbling fountains and rock fountains, and if you would like a statue at your place, you can even choose to have a customised statue fountain. 

Other features you can consider to add to your water fountain include water jets and sprays. For more fancy designs and styles, you can even consider including elements such as music and lights. With customisation, you can control the way the water flows or splashes, such as its speed, style and consistency. 


Garden waterfalls

To add soothing and calming sounds in your gardens, garden waterfalls make a good option. The vertical element of both small and big waterfalls make them especially eye-catching, even when they are viewed from afar. 

While the design of garden waterfalls can incorporate different types of materials, they will still typically be constructed using natural stones and boulders, and feature flora and fauna. Coupled with running water, garden waterfalls will make sure your landscape appears much more luxurious and unique, in the most natural way. 

When constructing garden waterfalls, the placement of its elements such as stones and vegetation can also help to prevent environmental issues such as soil erosion. Such a special water feature also adds value to your property, which can come in useful when you’re reselling it in future.


Indoor water features

If you’re looking for beautiful interior decor, installing just a simple indoor water feature can do wonders to make your space look and feel much more extravagant. As indoor water features come in all kinds of designs, sizes and materials, you can rest assured that they can be customised to fit your space perfectly, regardless of the dimensions or constraints of your living room, dining room or office corridor.

It is also a good idea to add water features to an indoor area as they can help to improve air quality and circulation, which would be especially beneficial for small and squeezy spaces. The sound of moving water does not only help to alleviate stress, but it can also reduce background noise from the urban environment, such as traffic sounds. This can lead to a more productive and comfortable indoor work or living space. 

What’s more, indoor water features are generally easy to install and maintain. You can have them installed as temporary, stand-alone features, or as features permanently fixed onto the walls, tailored according to your space, budget and preferences. 

If you need ideas on how you can include water features into your garden, home or office, consult water features services professionals. They can provide recommendations on the designs and types of water features that are most suitable for your space, and help you bring your vision to life.
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