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Grass Turfing Service


Grass turfing is a technique used to quickly and easily create a lush green lawn by directly applying grass onto the surface. This service can help you solve uneven or compacted lawn surfaces, or to fulfill the needs of the area you’re constructing, such as for a sports turf. 

This can be done using mature grass with developed roots or by using synthetic grass to create an artificial turf. 


Real Grass

In Singapore, the common types of turfing offered for real grass are cow grass, pearl grass, Philippine carpet grass and Japanese carpet grass. 

  1. Cow Grass
    Commonly found beside the roads in Singapore, cow grass has wide and short leaves that trail horizontally and split at each end. They come in two variations – the 2-petalled cow grass and 3-petalled cow grass.
    Two-petalled cow grass are the ones found on slopes, roadsides or soccer fields, which are bigger and in darker green as compared to three-petalled cow grass. Three-petalled leaves, which are in emerald green, are better for beautifying residential areas.

    Cow grass is strong and sturdy, which makes them easier to maintain. They do not require fertilizers or much water. However, the edges of the leaves are coarser. If there’s frequent rainfall and the soil is fertile, they will also grow quickly and will need to be mowed every few weeks. 


  1. Pearl Grass
    Though pearl grass may look like cow grass, their leaves are shorter, rounder, and grow sideways instead of vertically, hence lying flat on the ground.

    As compared to cow grass, they need more water to grow well. It is thus better for pearl grass to grow with some shade, instead of being under direct sunlight all day which would require frequent watering. This makes pearl grass suitable for residential areas. Sandy and well-drained soil is also good for its growth.

    Since pearl grass grows slowly, it rarely requires mowing for maintenance. However, you will need to weed more frequently to remove wild grass and weeds that grow faster than your pearl grass and covering them.


  1. Philippine Carpet Grass
    What sets the Philippine carpet grass apart from cow grass and pearl grass is its finer grass blades. After taking root, the grass, which grows well under the sun, becomes hardy and would not need to be watered even when the weather is hot.

    But if you would prefer a darker shade of green, you should water them regularly. The Philippine carpet grass also requires regular mowing of about once every 2 weeks. As the grass grows quickly, leaving too much time in between mowing services can cause the grass to become too tall and long. 


  1. Japanese Carpet Grass
    With even finer grass blades, the Japanese carpet grass is softer and shorter. And unlike the Philippine carpet grass, they grow relatively slowly and require regular watering to grow well.

    Due to their slow growth, they do not require frequent trimming or mowing, but you will need to engage weeding services as they may be easily outgrown by weeds and wild grass.


Artificial Grass

If you’re looking for something that’s easier to maintain, you can opt to use artificial grass instead. Artificial grass is a type of synthetic grass, which means you will not need to water, mow or fertilise your lawn, and will not need to worry about pest infections and removing weeds.

With artificial grass, you can customise the grass’ length, colour and touch – it’s all up to you and your design needs and wants. They can also be made to fit into any space you would like, such as a narrow walkway in your balcony, or for a children’s playground in your apartment. 

Artificial grass can be pricey, but the low-maintenance can save you time and money too. Before proceeding with the service, you can request to take a look at some samples of the grass to check the finishing and texture. Ideally, you would want a finishing that looks realistic, a soft texture, and a high blade density for your grass to look thick and lush. 


Artificial Turf

Although artificial grass and artificial turf are often used interchangeably, artificial turf specifically refers to grass for sport activities. Since it’s designed for sports, it has to be tough enough to withstand the weight of running feet and the friction caused from shoes grinding against the grass. Using artificial turf means players can continue to play the game even during wet weather conditions, and as it’s softer than natural grass, it makes it safer for them as well. 

The cost of artificial turfing depends on conditions such as whether it has UV protection, is fire-proof certified, as well as the types of installation methods. Generally, it can range from $1.50 to $15 per square feet. 

While most grass turfs last between 10 to 15 years, artificial turfs can generally last between 8 to 20 years. Of course, this also depends on the usage of the artificial turf and the frequency of maintenance. For example, turfs used to play sports such as football would experience more wear and tear. 


Choosing type of grass in Singapore

When choosing the type of grass for your garden, you should consider the amount of weeding and mowing needed, the amount of water required and the weather in Singapore. For instance, if you would not like to trim your grass frequently, you might prefer the pearl grass or Japanese carpet grass. On the other hand, if your grass will be placed under direct sunlight, the cow grass or Philippine carpet grass that do not require much water might be better choices instead. 

And if you can’t find the time and resources for any of these maintenance services, there’s artificial grass or artificial turf too. If you’re feeling unsure, check with the professionals on what type of grass would be best suited for your needs. They can also share with you the benefits of their service packages, such as deliveries, warranties and long-term support.

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