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Tree Pruning And Cutting Services


Do you love raising trees in your urban property? If so, you are lucky to enjoy the shade, chirping sounds of birds and fresh air. However, if the trees at your property grow above an average human’s height and their branches extend too far and try to invade your neighbor’s property, they may be problematic. Therefore, most trees in urban environments require professional tree pruning and cutting services. Indeed, a pruned tree look tidy and healthy.

If you are searching for tree pruning and cutting services, this post is for you. Read it to discover further the necessity to maintain the trees well through pruning and types of tree pruning methods.


Why Should I Have My Trees Trimmed?

Tree pruning and cutting are crucial for their health and maintenance. Below are the reasons why should you have your trees trimmed:

  • For early identification of diseases and making the treatment procedure easier.
  • Allowing a tree to grow to its full potential.
  • For removing the deadwood
  • For the safety of the property and people underneath.
  • It prevents mold decay and is finally helpful in keeping the pests away.
  • To prevent the tree from interfering into neighboring properties and maintaining a proper shape.


How Often Should I Have My Trees Trimmed?

There’s no exact timing and duration for tree pruning and cutting. The diseased and dead branches can develop anytime. Therefore, as a vigilant gardener or homeowner, start tree cutting by removing the diseased and dead branches right after planting. It will reduce your tree trimming load and stress on the tree.

Most trees benefit from pruning during dormancy since it encourages new growth as the weather changes. Furthermore, you can easily identify the branches required for tree felling.


Tree Pruning Methods

Below are the common methods used for tree cutting and pruning.

Crown Lifting

If the lower branches of trees obstruct pedestrians or vehicular access, the crown lifting technique is used for tree pruning. It involves the removal of the obstruction causing lower branches below the desired height. This type of tree felling is best done gradually over a period of years. Plus, it allows the sunlight to pass through the tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a tree cutting technique that involves the removal of the ends of branches to reduce the height and the spread of branches. In addition, it shortens the branches extending the surrounding trees. Crown reduction is preferred to minimize the hazards of a decaying root of a mature tree. This tree pruning technique is also used to reduce the weight of potentially dangerous limbs.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a tree cutting method used to thin the branch density within the crown. It involves removing the portion of primary or tertiary branches throughout the crown. In over-dense trees, branches rub or cross against each other. Only 30% of these branches are removed in crown thinning to avoid “lion’s tails” within a tree. Lion’s tailing can damage the tree by producing weak branches, sun scalding and epicormic sprouting.


Pollarding is a tree pruning technique used for increasing the lifespan and controlling the size of a tree. It involves cutting all limbs back to the main trunk. This method of tree felling encourages the lateral branches by cutting the stem or small branches two to three meters above the ground. It prevents the deadwood from falling off the tree.


Engaging professional tree pruning and cutting services

If you want to keep your trees looking tidy and aesthetically beautiful, you should benefit from professional tree pruning and cutting services. Tree trimming also helps control the size and health maintenance of a tree. You can do regular tree trimming by removing the extra branches and deadwood. However, it is recommended to seek professional help for yearly trimming and cutting of the larger mature trees.

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