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City residents usually gets tired to see so many high rise building structures. Whereas, a roof garden gives them the best place to escape to enjoy simple leisure moments. In the past, people used to grow some herbs and vegetables on their rooftop garden so they can enjoy the beautiful air along with healthy food. Now, professional Landscaping companies provide roof garden services to create and maintain beautiful rooftop garden for you.


Roof Garden Services

Professional roof gardening services include three parts: creating a new masterpiece for you, regular caring, and keeping the rooftop at its best state and the last part is shifting or if need be complete eradication of the rooftop gardening. The roof garden services specialist can work on both commercial buildings and residential homes.

1-Creating new roof garden

Roof garden services company will choose the best plants for a balcony garden along with the best and most unique design. They also make the roof garden waterproof before setting the plants.  They plan to make the design in such a way that the load of plants is balanced equally. Place plants in such a way that they can be used as a shield in the situating of storms, provide shade, and also pass adequate amount of sunlight at the same time. Installation of plants that may attract butterflies to make the view attractive. They also add elements like green walls or climbing plants terrace. They provide both residential and commercial level planting and designing services.

2-Maintaining rooftop garden

Rooftop garden maintenance services include regular pruning and training, preventing plants from disease, installation of annual plants regularly increases the beauty of the balcony garden, cutting back of plants to the point where the roof can easily bear their load, weekly examination for checking the leakage and waterproofing, regular watering services provided in a roof garden, and changing the layout and design of the rooftop according to your requirement.

3-Transplanting or clearing rooftop

Transplanting services include complete transfer/shifting of rooftop plants and elements from one place to another. Likewise, clearing of previous roof garden and regular cleaning is included in cleaning services.


Roof Garden Care

A roof garden needs more care than a regular ground floor garden. Your rooftop garden can be maintained regularly as follow:

1-Water regularly the plants

Divide your plants into two groups shade-loving and sun-loving: water sun-loving plants more frequent and regular than shade-loving plants. Increase the watering interval when the pot or planter soil shows a greenish color layer, which means you are watering more than their need.


2-Pruning and training
Cut the plants regularly, so they will not give a rough bushy look. Also, you have to maintain their size because they become enormously large and the roof can only support a certain limit of weight.


3-Regular leakage examination
The roof garden should be made waterproof before setting the plants. After that, a regular 15 days interval is necessary to examine the plant’s leakage.


Plants become root bound, so they need a bigger planter. You get the idea of the time for transplanting a plant by seeing the planter bottom, if it has any evidence of a root that means the plant needs to be transferred into a bigger sized pot.


Engaging Roof Garden Services Company

The roof garden is a great addition to our environment as they reduce the building’s total heat absorption by keeping it cool and lowering air conditions use. Roof gardens areas may also become places for urban/cities gardening and small agricultural production. Roof gardens can be designed to offer additional amenities such as sitting places, pools and social gathering amenities.

If you are looking to create or maintain beautiful roof garden for your commercial building or residential home, you can engage professional landscaping company to provide rooftop garden design, build and maintenance care services. We partner landscaping companies in Singapore to provide best quotes for roof garden services. Contact us to get your best quote.