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Landscape design and construction


Revamp and create beautiful landscapes for your gardens or yards through landscape design and construction, which includes both softscapes and hardscapes. Softscapes refer to planting works, while hardscapes include features such as wooden decks, swimming pools, and sidewalks. In landscape design, it is important to have professionals ensure that both your softscapes and hardscapes features complement each other well to establish the atmosphere and ambience of your surroundings. 


Landscape design process

Designing and constructing your landscape requires considering factors such as your design expectations and the environmental conditions. Here’s how the process is typically like: 


  1. Understanding your site
    Landscape design first starts with a visit to the location you would like to enhance to evaluate its conditions and constraints. This also includes considering factors such as soil analysis, sun exposure and the actual size of your space. The designer needs to know every detail of your site to figure out how they can create a design that best fulfills your expectations. 


  1. Assessing your needs
    Next, you’ll let the designer know your needs and wants by sharing with them the features you would like to have, the areas you would like to change and your budget for the project. This allows the professional to assess if the items on your list are possible to fulfill and determine which are more important for you. 


  1. Proposing design changes
    With the information the designers have gathered, they will create a design plan through drawings, images and samples of plants and materials. They will first make recommendations with a functional design draft to determine what activities can be done at your site and how much space to allocate for them. They will then create a conceptual design that includes placement of plant elements, hardscapes and any other features you would like.


  1. Confirming the design
    When approved, they will work on a final drawing that includes more accurate measurements for your site features. The landscaping company can now put together your landscaping project and construct your dream outdoor space.


Landscape construction services

For softscapes or planting works, services provided include selecting the plants for your work, sourcing them from both local and overseas nurseries, and installing the plants. It may also involve soil mixing to ensure the soil is suitable for growth and maintenance. 

Of course, as landscape construction involves putting together both the natural and man-made features, it also involves installing hardscapes such as water-based items, lighting, drainage, irrigation, wooden decks and timber works.

After completing the project, horticulturists from the company would perform housekeeping and inspect the space in detail to ensure that the plants are established properly. 


Landscape enhancement

Need some ideas for your dream landscape enhancement? Here are some design ideas that can help start you off on this journey:

  1. Water Features
    From fountains, ponds and even indoor waterfalls, an array of water features is available to highlight a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your gardens. With the hot climate in Singapore, such water-based designs can also make the surroundings more cooling and refreshing for your visitors. 


  1. Green Walls
    An increasingly popular trend, green walls or vertical gardens are modern structures with living plants attached to them. Such unique designs can give your walls a naturally artistic and aesthetic look. In terms of practicality, they may also feature built-in irrigation systems and filter pollutants in the surrounding air. 


  1. Wooden decks and trellis
    Besides providing structural support for plants, a wooden trellis can serve as a beautiful background for your plants against the railing or walls. Wooden trellises and decks can also be installed to create pavements or resting areas for your visitors, depending on the activities you would like to have for your outdoor space. 

If you’re not sure if these features would work well for your outdoor area, consult a professional landscaping company. They can also provide images of their past works for you to see if such enhancements are what you desire. 


Choosing a landscaping company

Hiring the right landscaping company helps you save time and effort from the physical work required and prevents problems that may occur from the technicalities of the job. Should things go awry, having to rectify the damage and redo the work could incur significant costs too! 

Avoid uneven grass cuts and cheap materials without warranty by engaging a reputable company that specialises in landscaping, with many years of experience in the field. You can also check their customer reviews to see if their projects are completed well within the budget, as well as the awards they have earned. You should also request for a portfolio from the company to view examples of their finished projects.

As part of the landscaping process, ensure that the company offers consultations, visits the site you would like them to work on and provides you with an actual quote. Some of them offer consultations for their services for free. 

It would also be good if the company has a landscape maintenance programme to regularly maintain their works.

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