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Grass Cutting Service in Singapore


Proper and regular landscape maintenance transforms your gardens by preventing compacted soil, dead branches and overgrown plants – and one of the key parts of landscape maintenance is grass cutting.

Grass cutting ensures that your turf or lawn maintains a clean and healthy appearance with an even, greener grass patch. Besides aesthetic benefits, even grass patches with shorter grass also benefit the plant’s health and can ensure the safety of people too.


Benefits of grass cutting

When the grass is cut short, they receive more sunlight and water. Hence, they can produce a greener and healthier landscape for your lawn. Grass clippings that remain on your lawn also serve as natural fertilisers, contributing essential nutrients such as nitrogen to your soil. 

With sufficient sunlight, excess water on the ground of the turf will be able to evaporate more easily. This reduces the amount of rainwater ponding on the grass, as well as mosquito breeding and foul smells from water stagnation. You can also not worry about pest infections and diseases, as regular grass cutting can prevent unwanted insects from growing in your grass.

Last but not the least, overgrown grass can be hazards for passersby. With an even, well-maintained grass patch, users can easily walk across without worrying much about tripping and falling, stepping into a pond or getting bitten by mosquitoes. In the long-run, consistent grass trimming also saves you money as you do not have to spend on removing overgrown plants and pest infection solutions. 


Methods of grass cutting

There are two main methods to grass cutting – using a lawn mower or using a knapsack. For large, open and flat lawns with minimal obstructions, it would be ideal to use a lawn mowing machine. But for areas with uneven surfaces and obstacles, knapsacking cutting of grass would be more suitable. 

Besides regular grass cutting, grass cutting services may also include soil investigation works, fertilising, and pest and disease control. These services can help to solve and prevent problems such as soil erosion and damage from pests and illnesses. They may also trim or remove weeds around fences, buildings and trees for a more pristine and professional appearance.


Choosing the right grass cutting company

Grass cutting is a technical skill that requires the help of professionals. These professionals can avoid mistakes such as cutting the grass too short, or mowing the lawn more than the same way twice. 

When choosing a grass cutting company, you need to first ensure that the company is licensed. In Singapore, only certified companies are allowed to provide grass cutting services.

You should also do research on its reputation. The company should have good reviews from its clients about its high-quality and reliable services, and they should have customers who regularly return to them for lawn maintenance due to their quality and cost. Check on their experience level too – good companies should have many years of experience in the field. 

As different companies provide different service packages and rates, you might want to enquire and get a quotation before deciding on one company first. Before proceeding, check the rates of their service, extra services included and if there are any additional charges. 

It would also be beneficial if the company has a quick turnaround time and you can book their services easily and regularly. This is so that your lawn can be cared for frequently and optimally. 


Cost of grass cutting service

Cost of grass cutting services depends on factors such as the area of coverage, site condition and other requirements of the project. For example, bigger sites with more services needed such as lawn restoration would be more costly than just regular grass cutting service.

Generally, grass cutting at residential areas can cost about $150 per trip, or about $100 for every hour required. As part of the process of selecting a grass cutting company, get a quote to compare the prices and services you’ll need for a clean and green lawn.  

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