What is the benefit of submitting the Request to Quote at LANDSCAPING.SG?

LANDSCAPING.SG provides the most convenient way to source for Landscaping and Gardening services in Singapore. LANDSCAPING.SG matches your work request with Landscaping companies’ expertise. You will receive up to 3 quotation proposals and select the best quotation that suits your requirements and budget.

Is this REQUEST TO QUOTE free?

Yes, it is FREE.

Will the quotation prices be higher compared to requesting the quote directly from the landscaping company?

No, the quotation prices will not be higher, in fact the quotation prices may be more competitive as you will receive multiple quotation proposals for evaluation comparison.

How many quotation proposals will I receive?

Most of the time you can expect to receive 3 quotation proposals. At times, you may receive less than 3 quotation proposals depending on your landscaping and gardening scope of work.

What happens after I submit my Request to Quote?

Your Request to Quote is routed to our partner Landscaping companies according to your work requirements and service category. Our partner Landscaping companies will then provide you quotation proposals directly.

When will I receive the quotation proposals?

You will receive the quotation proposals within 3 days.

What happens after I receive quotation proposals?

You can evaluate to select the best Quotation Proposal that suits your requirement and budget; and decide which Landscaping Company to engage for the landscaping and gardening service.

NO OBLIGATION to select any of the quotation proposal if it does not meet your requirement or budget.

Who is responsible for the Landscaping and Gardening services provided?

The Landscaping company that you selected is directly responsible for the landscaping and gardening services provided. And you make payment directly to the Landscaping company you selected.

On this service engagement, you can also provide us feedback reviews to ensure good service and quality standard of our partner landscaping companies are always maintained.