Beautiful Balcony Garden Design


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Balcony Garden in Singapore

A balcony garden is a group of both man-made structures and plants set up in an organized way. First, you must create a big picture of what you need in your balcony garden according to the balcony area. For this reason, create a design plan and implement it in your balcony garden.


Balcony garden design

For a start, you can choose the things from the list given below and place everything in good order. Or you can also engage balcony garden design landscaper to make the perfect balcony garden for you.

1-Sitting area: Fixed or movable, type and design of furniture set

2-Covered structure or privacy: Partial covered or fully covered, horizontally addition or vertically addition

3-Water feature: Adding a water feature or small fountain

4-Adding a bar: Adding bars to increase sitting area, to make a separation, to make the design more aligned

5-Vertical garden or green wall: Vertical gardening becoming more popular in city living because it required less space with big benefits. Choose a climber, hanging planters, cloth hanging pockets, etc.

6-Garden space: Types of the garden are kitchen garden or ornamental garden or mix. After that choose plants according to your desire and space capability

7-Focal feature: Living wall or sitting area, a decoration piece, everything should point at the focal feature of balcony garden

8-Small kitchen: If you have a big balcony, you can also create a small kitchen where you can cook outdoor

And, you should also consider the following points before finalizing the design:
Light direction, the maximum weight of your balcony can bear, maintenance and improvement work required, how to organize and maintain the plants and budget assessment.


Balcony garden plants

Various plant types you can consider for balcony garden:

Vegetables: such as Cherry Tomato, Chili peppers, Cucumbers, Long Beans, Chinese spinach

Herbs: such as Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, Coriander, Mint,

Ornamental: such as Pigeon Orchid, Lantana, Ixora, Succulents,  Pinwheel Flower

Annual: such as Petunia, Lilies, Peonies, Orchids, Sunflower


Creating Balcony Garden

You can design and create your own balcony garden and have fun experiment with what you like and improve it along the way. Or, you could also engage a professional help from landscaping company to design and create a beautiful balcony garden for your home or office.

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