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Arboriculture Services


What are arboriculture services?

Arborists live with plants; you can also say that they are living for plants. An arboricultural can provide you the following a lot of amazing services:

1-New Installation

  • Installation of new plants
  • Area analysis for selection of suitable plants
  • Training and structure-forming of young plants
  • Improvement in the shape and look of plant structure
  • Visual analysis and recommendations of arboriculture
  • Transplanting large size trees from one place to another
  • Use of refractometer, penetrometer, and other instruments to provide CA report

2-Plant Care

  • Plant health analysis is resolved by arboriculture
  • Stabilizing and controlling emergencies or care
  • Pruning of plants which will increase new flowering and fruiting in the following season
  • Plant’s health care and maintenance will elongate plant life
  • Presentation of the plant before the disease
  • Tree structure maintenance
  • Formation or development of new structures
  • Screening of extra intermingling branches, this action will help the light to penetrate inside the tree crown
  • Reduction of tree crow size without harming the plant health to your desired size
  • General thinning of plants will enhance the plantation health and reduce disease risk
  • Pollarding practice to encourage the plant height
  • Sonic tomography, a technique to detect inside decayed parts of trees through sound waves
  • RET, root analysis, and treatment is done

3-Plant Accessories

  • Introduction and placement of cables, braces, and wires
  • Stalking and trailing of plants that are weak or that need support.
  • Making structures that work as a windbreak and help in the hazards of the storm along with beautification
  • Use of LASER scan to detect and analyses is included in arboriculture
  • Plant supporting and anchoring
  • Installation of steel hooks/props/support to protect old and enormous sized trees

4-Cleaning or removal

  • In arboriculture removal of plantations or trees is included
  • Complete removal/cutting of diseased or decayed plants (both from top and ground)
  • Removal of dead and diseased branches from the trees or plants
  • Transplanting or translocation of plants or complete trees
  • Removing the branches which are supposed to rub or deform each other in future
  • Spray and least residual chemical use to protect the plant from future disease by arboriculture

5-Soil testing

  • Aeration of soil will improve root canopy
  • Soil nutrient analysis and recommendation of fertilizers according to the soil and plant need


Why Hire an Arborist?

The tree needs a lot of time and energy to grow. Trees are your actual investment because it helps to clean your environment, provide you ease by shade, by purifying the air, and by a soothing effect on your brain and eyes. These trees required your little attention and care. The best way to protect these treasures is to hire someone professional like arborists.

A proper garden of trees required a good investment, but its main part is its maintenance. A properly maintained garden/tree shows its true worth, whereas a garden with no maintenance or look after gives a bushy look. It is our nature that we don’t like a tree or garden which is not maintained.

Maintaining trees in their actual shape is not an easy task. For well-shaped trees you much invest in arborists, they are professionals who know their job. A tiny investment in arborists will result in a well-maintained garden/tree where you can collect your beautiful memories with your family or with your loved ones. You can use these properly maintained places for your gatherings, functions, family parties, or evening tea.

Some trees species must require professionals for their healthy growth. Especially large size trees (banyan tree etc.) required arborists as it is dangerous for you to cut their heavy branches or roots. For these tasks, arborists are trained and have the equipment that works in these situations.


Selecting the Right Arborist for the Job

For selecting the perfect arborist, you must notify the following points:

  • Certified ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Arborist
  • The company is a member of professional body like ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), LIAS (Landscape Industry Association of Singapore)
  • The company must have the necessary licenses and permits.
  • An arborist company must have insurance.
  • Find out the relatable work which they have done in the past, so you can visit and ensure the work quality.
  • Get two or more estimates of the work cost.
  • You must know the estimated price while choosing the bids from the companies, and always choose the best nearest price, not necessarily the cheapest.
  • Most arborists sign contracts; this is to ensure the work limits. Don’t worry, mostly they write work terms only, but also read the contract carefully and feel free to ask questions.


ISA Certified Arborist

Individuals also demonstrate their basis of knowledge by earning an ISA certified arborist, which is a non-government, voluntary procedure. A quantitative assessment about an individual’s expertise of the competencies required for good care of a tree is provided via certification.

ISA Certified Arborist® professionals have the characteristic that everyone in the society recognizes them as professional, especially for the care of trees, they must have the knowledge of the basic and scientific level of information in fields like tree maintenance, biology, safety, diagnosis, and other tree science areas in which tree care experts or professionals are recognized through a continuous work analysis.

To keep the worth of certification, ISA certified arborist must continue their studies. As a result, they gain modern advancement in their work; they learn the new developing practices and become more worthy arborists.


Hire professional arborist

Hire professional arborists to care for and safeguard your trees to ensure their safety and health. The professional arborists do health, safety, and structural evaluations, though which diagnosis is done along with the treatment against disease and pest, and in serious situations, they recommend efficient solutions which have the least severity.

Maintaining healthy trees will support and encourage green and healthy environment by enhancing appearance, promoting vitality and health, and boosting safety.

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